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Treatment List


Assessment Appointment


Required by all new patients (45-60 mins)

Footbath - Medical History - Foot Assessment - Treatment Plan - Treatment - Moisturising Foot and Leg massage

Simple Nails

Quick nail cut for straightforward nails (10-20 mins)
Add fingernails £3

Nail Cut - Moisturising Foot massage

Quick Corn/Callus

For that painful corn or patch of hard skin (15-20 mins)

Gentle corn/callus reduction using scalpel - Moisturising foot massage

Problematic Nails

Suitable for thick, fungal, ingrown or curved nails that need a little extra care (20-30 mins)

Skilled nail reduction - Management advice - Moisturising foot massage

Full Foot Care

Complete Foot Care (30-40 mins)

Foot assessment - Nail care - Corn/callus reduction - Foot care advice - Moisturising foot massage

Home Visit
£35 one person
£50 two people

If you can't come to me...
(For housebound patients only please)

All assessment and treatment carried out at home for one fixed fee. 
Please contact for my availability for house visits.
** am or pm appointment will be given but due to the nature of house visits I cannot give a fixed time.**

Verruca Treatment

Single treatment £15

Course of 6 treatments £60

Use of gentle caustic (acid) treatments to encourage the verruca to heal (15 mins)

Removal of overlying hard skin - Application of treatment - Dressing and advice

Diabetic Foot Assessment

An important part of Diabetic foot care which should be carried out at least every year. Includes any required routine footcare (45-60 mins)

Vascular assessment - Neurological assessment - Nails/callus treatment - Foot care advice - Footwear advice - Advisory letter to GP

Add on a little luxury?

Can be added to any of the previous appointment types (each 10-20 mins)

  1. Warm foot bath £5

  2. Shape and polish of nails using durable WOW nail colour £12

  3. Relaxing 10 minute foot and leg massage £8

  4. Moisturising foot mask and heated boot treatment £6

  5. Deeply moisturising hot paraffin footbath, for relief of dry skin and aching feet £10

Full Aesthetic Foot Treatment

With Polish £70

Without Polish £55

The 'Medical-Pedicure'. Your feet will look and feel their absolute best. Perfect for parties/holidays. Suitable for diabetic patients.

Foot bath - Cuticle softener - Callus softener - Nails cut and filed - Cuticle reduction - Callus/corn treatment - Foot and leg exfoliation - Moisturising foot and leg massage - Foot mask - Paraffin foot bath - Heated boots - Optional nail polish with durable WOW nail colour